FAQ Frequently asked questions

I. General

Why is the consignment note so important?

  • It provides DHL with the following information: the final destination of your shipment, the services you need and the method of payment.
  • It specifies the terms and conditions of carriage which we offer by providing our services. Read them thoroughly and you will learn more about the limitations and exemptions from liability. You receive proof of the sent parcel with a unique number which can be used to track the shipment route on our website here.
  • he information included in the note facilitates customs clearance. It speeds up the process and guarantees efficient delivery to the recipient without any delays.

What is volumetric weight?

The volumetric weight of a shipment reflects the volume of the shipment. A light, large parcel may occupy more loading space than a heavy, small parcel. We calculate the volumetric weight and compare it with the actual weight of the parcel. The costs of transport are calculated on the basis of the above-mentioned weight.

How do you calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment?

We want to use the loading space of our vehicles in an effective manner so that we can offer our services at better prices. To do so, we introduced a new method for calculating the volumetric weight.
The volumetric weight calculation formula: length x width x height (in cm) divided by 4,000. We obtain a result in kg. We compare the obtained result with the actual weight of the shipment and calculate the price on the basis of the greater weight. We also encourage our customers to pack their goods in a more economical manner. It will help reduce the size of the shipment and hence the costs of its transport.

II. Track&Trace

Where can I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment on the DHL website. You just have to know the number of your Consignment Note. To track your shipment, click here.

When tracking my shipment I received a message requesting me to contact DHL. What does that mean?

Such a message appears if the information we have is insufficient to deliver the shipment (e.g. shipment address is incorrect or additional information is required to deliver the shipment). 

The tracking results for my shipment include a message that it is going to a city other than the destination city. Why?

The places of collection and delivery are defined according to the location of the DHL Warehouse responsible for shipment collection and delivery. We guarantee that the shipment will be delivered to the address indicated on the consignment note.

The tracking results sometimes include the following message: ‘Sign up for notifications about the status of your shipment.’ What does that mean?

For shipments that have not yet been delivered, you can sign up for email or SMS (text message notifications to receive delivery status updates). This saves you time - you then won’t have to go online again to track your shipment.

To track your shipment, click here.

Can I track my shipment without the number of the consignment note?

We advise you to save the number of the consignment note, but you can also track your shipment with your customer number in the Tracking Domestic Shipment application and use the – using the Consignment note number tab or – the order number.

When tracking my shipment, I receive an incorrect consignment note number message. Why?

The DHL Express consignment note number for domestic shipments is an 11 digit number. It includes numbers only and starts with the number 1 (e.g. 12345678901). Please make sure that you entered the correct shipment number and try again. 

Is there a solution for tracking undelivered shipments? I have signed a contract with DHL.

DHL offers the activation of the service of e-mail notification about shipments which have not been delivered for reasons beyond the control of DHL. You can activate this service on www.dhl.com.pl/raport.

How to receive the Electronic Proof of Delivery?

To receive the Electronic Proof of Delivery, you need to log onto the DHL website. Then, when tracking your shipment just click the Get Proof of Delivery link. You can get up to 25 instances of proof simultaneously. If both the order and consignment note are generated via the DHL website, select Consignment Note scan/Download note scan under the options menu.

Note: consignment note scans are available for 2 months after the date of the parcel delivery.

When will my shipment be delivered?

EX shipments are usually delivered on the next working day and groupage shipments (over 31.5 kg) within 2 business days.

Please visit our Track your shipment page, where you can track your shipment on an ongoing basis.

What payment methods are available to DHL customers?

To use all the possible payment methods, we advise our customers to open a DHL account on the DHL website. Customers who have signed up can pay via transfer on the basis of the issued invoice, by cash or credit card. Customers with a DHL account can use our services at preferential prices. 

After signing a contract you can pay by transfer, if you have not signed a contract, you can pay by cash or credit card at a collection point at DHL Warehouses (note: credit card payments are not accepted by collection points at the DHL Warehouses in Kalisz and Białystok).

If my shipment is not delivered by the agreed deadline, can I claim a refund from DHL?

If the above-mentioned situation takes place and the shipment is not delivered for reasons attributable to DHL, please report this fact to the DHL Customer Service Department – Domestic Shipments, by using the contact form available here.

How can I report that my shipment has been lost or damaged?

Should this happen, please complete the Loss or Damage Report form available here. In reply to your report, our courier will visit you to complete the Shipping Damage Report.

When should I report that my shipment has been damaged?

The damage to your shipment should be reported within 7 calendar days of the date of the shipment delivery by completing the online form available here.

When will my shipment be delivered?

According to the DHL Express offer, the shipments are delivered as follows:

  • shipments up to 31.5 kg on the next business day, in ‘door-to-door’ delivery
  • shipments above 31.5 kg within up to 2 business days in ‘board-to-board’ delivery (to the place which can be reached by DHL courier by car, the service includes taking the parcel off the loading box without carrying it to the place of delivery)

What are the maximum acceptable dimensions of a parcel?

Taking into account the volume and size of our vehicles, the maximum dimensions are as follows:

  • for shipments up to 31.5 kg the total dimensions (L+W+H) cannot exceed 300 cm and the longest side cannot be longer than 200 cm
  • for shipments over 31.5 kg the total dimensions (L+W+H) cannot exceed 600 cm and the longest side cannot be longer than 400 cm
  • for shipments with one of the sides of the base longer than 200 cm but shorter than 400 cm, the weight cannot be greater than 50 kg

Note: shipments over 50 kg must be transported on a pallet.

What is the acceptable weight of a parcel which can be shipped?

DHL accepts parcels for shipment which weigh up to 1,000 kg. If a parcel weighs over 50 kg, it must be placed on a pallet. In addition, some goods weighing over 50 kg, such as a fridge, washing machine, or cooker, must be transporter on a pallet for safety reasons.

How to safely pack your parcel?

We advise you to pack parcels up to 31.5 kg in a carton box with regular dimensions and fill it with bubble wrap, polystyrene foam or any other filling material

Parcels shipped on a pallet should be fixed securely and protected against movement in transit.

Can I buy or rent a pallet from DHL?

DHL Express does not rent or sell any pallets. 

Can I sign a contract with DHL as a private individual?

DHL only signs contracts with business entities. Private individuals may use DHL services without signing a contract.

As a private individual, can I act as a sender or recipient of the shipment?

Yes, a private individual can be a sender and recipient of the shipment.

To learn more about our offers and order a courier, click here.

Where can I find a phone number to a specific DHL warehouse or department?

All phone numbers to our departments and warehouses have been replaced with the number to our Customer Service Department. The Customer Service Department number: 42 6 345 345, available from Monday to Friday: from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturdays: from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

III. Cash on delivery (COD)

Can I pay on delivery (COD) by credit card or debit card? Cash on delivery (COD)

At present, it is only possible to pay cash on delivery. We would appreciate it if you could prepare the exact amount.

What is the deadline for the refund of cash on delivery?

The cash on delivery refund service guarantees a refund to the account of the person paying for the shipment within 5 business days.

IV. Insurance in DHL

What is the liability of DHL?

DHL Express liability is governed by paragraph 15 of the Regulations for domestic shipping and postal services of DHL Express (Poland) Sp. z o.o.

Can I buy additional insurance for my shipment?

Yes, DHL Express (Poland) Sp. z o.o. offers such a possibility.

How to insure the shipment effectively?

The insurance is activated by ticking the service in the consignment note, declaring the shipment value and paying the fee.

Where can I find information about the insurance fee?

The information about the shipment insurance fee is available in the current price list available here.

Up to what amount will the loss be covered in the event of any damage to the shipment?

In the event of any material damage, the loss will be covered to the amount of the loss according to the declaration of value included on the consignment note.

Where can I find information about the terms and conditions of the insurance?

The main provisions of the insurance contract signed between DHL Express and the Insurer are available upon request. It is a contract in favour of a third party - the owner of the shipment or the person assuming the transport risk - authorised to receive the damages. It provides ALL RISK coverage.

Can I insure every shipment?

The insurance does not cover shipments excluded from carriage in the Regulations for domestic shipping and postal service of DHL Express (Poland) Sp. z o.o.

Can I insure documents?

DHL does not insure shipments comprising envelopes with documents.

What is the term of the insurance coverage?

The insurance coverage applies for the entire period during which DHL is responsible for the shipment, regardless of the number of transport stages that the shipment goes through.

How can I document the loss suffered?

By submitting a written complaint along with its title, reasons, specification of the enclosed documents as well as the amount of the complaint and a bank account number.

Am I also entitled to a refund of the costs of transport in the event of a material loss?

The costs of transport are refunded in direct proportion to the amount of the material damage suffered.

What are the benefits of shipment insurance?

Peace of mind. You will receive damages regardless of whether the carrier is responsible for the damage or not. In the event of any damage the process of claim investigation is quick and easy.

V. Complaints

Complaints. What is the procedure for making complaints?

You can make a complaint online. Please visit our DHL24 application at

Send your complaints to the Complaint Department:
DHL Express (Poland) Sp. z o.o.
Dział Reklamacji
ul. Targowa 35
90-043 Łódź
E-mail: pl.reklamacje.wa[at]dhl.com

If the value of the damage is less than PLN 2,000, documents may be sent by e-mail (in the form of scans) or by fax.
If the value of the damage is greater than PLN 2,000, the original documents (or copies certified to be true copies of originals) should be sent to the address of the Complaint Department.

You can download the complaint/intervention form here

Documents required when making a complaint

  • Complaints regarding delayed delivery:
    - a complaint letter with the consignment note number and the amount of the claim and a bank account number as well as the original consignment note or its copy
  • Complaints regarding the loss, damage or destruction of the content of the shipment:
    - a complaint letter with the consignment note number and the amount of the claim and a bank account number,
    - a consignment note (the copy left by a courier),
    - shipping damage report (a copy owned by the aggrieved party),
    - a document confirming the value of the damage, depending on its type (purchase/sales contract; bill/VAT invoice/cash register receipt/voucher; the original calculation of the costs of product manufacturing, prepared by the manufacturer or a receipt for repair/calculation of the repair costs/VAT invoice for repair), for insured shipments it is necessary to present the document of purchase or manufacturing of the goods.

What is the time frame for handling complaints regarding domestic shipments?

10 business days counting from the day of making the complaint. In the case of insured shipments, this period may be extended.

VI. Business Costumers

What is a turnover declaration?

A turnover declaration is a mandatory provision in the contract of cooperation with DHL which informs the parties to the contract about the obligation regarding the number of domestic shipments to be sent monthly via DHL Parcel. Depending on the type of the contract signed, this declaration may be expressed in the form of turnover in PLN or the number of shipments broken into weight categories.

What is a direct debit? How does it work?

It is possible to pay invoices by direct debit. To activate the option of payment for invoices by direct debit, the customer has to contact a Sales Representative to receive an authorisation. Documents signed in two copies shall be sent back to the Invoicing Department of DHL Parcel (ul. Komornicka 1 62-052 Głuchowo). It is very important to send back the document with a legible company stamp and with the full name of the bank indicated as well as the signatures of the persons representing the company, which correspond to the Card of Specimen Signatures.

The first copy of the authorisation remains with DHL Parcel/Express. The second copy is for the bank which maintains the customer's account as to inform the bank that DHL is authorised to debit their account. The authorisation is exchanged between banks providing services to the parties (DHL Parcel and the Customer).

It takes approx. 10 days to activate the service. The Customer is informed about the activation of the Direct Debit service by mail or phone.

What should I do to send a domestic parcel as a third party employer?

To use the option of ordering a courier as a third party you need to log onto the DHL24 application DHL24

It is also required to complete and send to DHL the Account user statement available in the DHL customer zone.

You can download a statement here

Please send the completed statement to DHL as follows:

  • as a scan by e-mail to the following address:  strefa.klienta[at]dhl.com
  • by post to the following address:
    Dział Baz Danych Klienta
    ul. Osmańska 2
    02-823 Warszawa

It is very important to include in the statement the account number (SAP) of all your divisions, or to add a separate list, if necessary.

This service is available for customers who have signed a contract with DHL.