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Every day, we try to provide our Customers with the highest quality services. We are committed to doing so not only because we are a leader in this industry, but mainly because of our strong belief that it is the Customer’s satisfaction that forms the basis of our business activities. We know that we are often successful at exceeding the expectations of our Customers. However, it also sometimes happens that we are not able to meet these expectations. If you share this feeling, please inform the DHL Management about it.

Of course, thousands of satisfied DHL customers rely on us every day by entrusting their urgent shipments to us. If you are one of them, Igor Caban would be happy to know your opinion.

We care about your comments, both good and bad, as we can use them to take the necessary actions to adjust our services to your expectations. Write to the DHL Management e-mail address directly. Please remember to provide your details so that we can contact you.

Igor Caban

Igor Caban

DHL Parcel Managing Director – National Structure

"Thank you for using the services of DHL Parcel (Poland). I assure you that we are worth being trusted."