Additional services

DHL offers a wide range of additional services, such as shipment insurance, delivery on Saturday or Cash on Delivery. Our flexibility gives you the guarantee of additional convenient solutions when using express transport services.

Please remember that not all services are available for every type of shipment.

Shipment insurance

It is possible to provide additional financial protection against the loss or damage of the shipment. It applies to shipments worth less than PLN 100,000.

The charge depends on the declared value of the shipment:

  • up to PLN 50,000 - PLN 3.50
  • between PLN 50,000 and PLN 100,000 - 0.2% of the declared value of the shipment

For the service to apply to shipments worth more than PLN 100,000, you need to make separate arrangements included in the written framework contract between DHL and the Customer. The charge is calculated on an individual basis for every consignment, on the basis of the notification provided to the DHL Customer Service Department - Domestic Shipments.

Cash on delivery (COD) and refund

The cash on delivery service provided according to the instructions given by the person ordering the service, via a bank transfer or postal order. The recipient of the shipment is obliged to pay cash. Every shipment with the COD service is covered by additional insurance.

The COD amount is refunded within 5 business days counting from the business day following the shipment delivery (the date of transfer of funds from the DHL bank account or the date of the postal order applies). If the amount is refunded via a postal order, the COD amount is reduced by the equivalent of the postal charge.

The maximum COD amount is PLN 11,000. If, when sending one shipment or many shipments, the total COD amounts from one Sender to one Recipient exceed PLN 6,500, the Recipient of the shipment shall collect it at the DHL Customer Service Point.

Charge: PLN 7 + 1% of the COD value

Return of documents (ROD)

Confirmation of the delivery of goods on documents attached outside the parcel and their return to the Sender (up to 5 documents).

Charge: PLN 13

Delivery between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Service available only for Envelope shipments and shipments containing elements up to 31.5 kg. Detailed information about the range of the service (postcode of the shipment delivery place) is available in DHL24 and DHL eCas applications and in the DHL Customer Service Department - Domestic Shipments.

Pre-delivery Information (PDI)

Contact with the shipment Recipient before its delivery. As part of this service, the Sender may also permit to deliver the shipment to the address indicated by the Recipient, other than the address in the consignment note (within the area of the delivering Terminal).

Charge: PLN 5


Shipment delivery failure notification sent to the Recipient by SMS. Only for contract Customers.

Charge: PLN 3.50

Change of shipment address

This can be done upon written instruction provided by the Sender.

Charge: PLN 10 if the changed address is within the delivering DHL Terminal

Charge: 100% of the basic charge if the address is changed between two DHL Terminals

Proof of delivery (POD)

Proof in paper form - a copy of the document signed by the Recipient.

Charge: PLN 8 if the service is ordered while sending the shipment

Charge: PLN 18 + PLN 5 for each subsequent copy of the document if the service is ordered while sending the shipment (it can be provided within up to 1 year after shipment delivery)

For more information about additional services see the price list