Virtual DHL Parcel Consultant will make customer service easier

4 July 2017

Innovative system of automatic service of helpline clients by means of a Virtual Consultant was implemented for DHL by the Pirios SA company. The system is supposed to shorten waiting time for a helpline call for DHL Parcel clients and to allow to deal with a given matter remotely.

Currently DHL Parcel clients can remotely check the status of a parcel, and soon it will be also possible to ship a parcel and to check the valuation of completing service. The system currently supports up to 30 simultaneous calls. The implementation of all functionalities is planned for the end of April and the beginning of May this year.

After the implementation is finished, the system will enable to carry out in whole the process of client service by a Virtual Consultant which will dialogue with the client, getting appropriate information from DHL Parcel systems. What is important, the whole conversation will be conducted in voice mode, not by choosing buttons on a phone (as it usually is in those kinds of systems using DTMF tone signaling). However, should the situation require to forward a call to a Contact Center employee, e.g. to develop the topic, the virtual consultant will do it by oneself, forwarding at the same time all the previously collected information, making it easier to continue the conversation.

Implementation of the system will bring a lot of advantages not only to DHL Parcel clients, but to the company itself. It will allow to, inter alia, optimize the costs, relieve consultants, guarantee the highest level of readiness to service clients in the time of increased interaction, e.g. before holidays.