DHL Parcel as a Consumer Quality Leader 2018

28 March 2018

Once again, DHL Parcel company received the Golden Emblem in the Consumer Quality Leader competition. With the votes of consumers, it took first place in the "LOGISTICS" category, which means that it is the most recognizable and appreciated courier company on the Polish market. In this year's survey, carried out by the editors of the Strefa Gospodarki, a record number of 12,000 respondents took part.

The purpose of the survey, carried out as part of the Consumer Quality Leader project, is to select the best brands and companies available and functioning on the Polish market. Consumers, deciding about their choice, take into account, among others, the quality and scope of services, service quality and other important elements that affect their satisfaction. Thanks to the opinions and the votes of consumers, the survey also allows to indicate the best products and services offered on the market, as well as shows in which direction individual industries are heading and how market trends shape.

The recognition of the DHL Parcel brand as the Quality Leader was determined by respondents' opinions, in the opinion of which the company belongs to the most reliable suppliers, who care for good contact with the client. The survey shows that 88.4% of all respondents know the DHL Parcel brand, 90.9% of respondents use its services, and 88.5% recommend it to others. The most common associations of respondents with the DHL Parcel brand include: fast delivery, responsibility, efficiency, super service, professionalism, punctuality and yellow cars. The respondents, asked about the services of the supplier, answered that the ordered products are delivered on time and do not face problems during delivery.

- The title of the Consumer Quality Leader is a particularly important distinction for us, because it reflects the level of customer satisfaction and opinions. Our company makes every effort to best match the offer to the needs of its recipients. The products prepared by DHL Parcel meet real needs of people, an example of which is the evening courier service - a tailor-made offer to provide customers with freedom and choice - said Igor Caban, President of the Board of DHL Parcel Polska.