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Frequently asked questions about the parcel status:

Parcels up to 31.5 kg will be delivered on the next business day as standard.
Parcels over 31.5 kg will be delivered in 2 business days.
Detailed information is available in the terms and conditions.

Such a message occurs when the information we have is insufficient to deliver the parcel (e.g. the destination address is incorrect or some additional information is required for the delivery). In such a case we would ask you to contact our hotline in order to complete the data.

We transport parcels throughout the DHL operational network. It is usual in logistics that parcels are not transported directly from the place of shipment to the delivery location, but pass through our sorting centres. They are transit places. A parcel will eventually reach its delivery address in any case.

The reference number of the waybill is necessary to check the parcel status. If you have not got the waybill reference number we suggest that you contact the sender.

The reference number of the DHL Parcel waybill for domestic parcels has 11 digits and consists of digits only and starts with 1 (e.g. 12345678901). Please make sure you have entered the correct parcel reference number and try again.

Yes, you can make a complaint about our service when it has not been completed on time.
DHL is responsible for any loss resulting from the delay in delivery. In the case of DHL PARCEL 9 and DHL PARCEL 12 services, the payer is entitled to compensation amounting 100% of the basic fee. In the case of other transport services the payer is entitled to compensation up to 50% of the basic transport fee according to the price list valid on the day the parcel was sent or the day the agreement with DHL was concluded, providing the delay was longer than one day.

If the situation as specified above occurs, and the parcel has not been delivered due to the fault of DHL, report this fact to the DHL Parcel Customer Service Department using our form.

In the situation as specified above use our form. In response to your report our courier will come to you to compile a shipping damage report.

Damage must be reported within 7 calendar days from the delivery date using our form.

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