For domestic parcels for business

For domestic parcels for business

If you send parcels regularly, you can use the useful additional services offered by DHL Parcel. These will improve your work and shipping management. For example, with the free "Redirect a Parcel" service you can simplify collection of parcels for your customers - they can change delivery date or address independently. Some additional services are included in the shipment price and the rest are payable extras.

Domestic parcels – services included in the price

DHL Parcel ServicePoints allow you to send and receive parcels fast and conveniently.
The network consists of, among others, petrol stations, shops, newsagents, service and retail points.
They are located just around the corner, in customers’ neighbourhood as well as yours, and the parcel waits for collection for as long as 7 days! Read more.

This is a convenient service that enables parcel recipients to change the delivery day or address independently after the parcel has been sent, with no need to contact the online shop. In practice your customers can reschedule the delivery date even by 10 days and they will get e-mail/SMS notifications about the parcel status at every stage. Read more about the service.

When the recipient cannot receive the parcel within the scope of the "Redirect a Parcel" service we enable him/her, among other things, to request delivery to the alternative address, e.g. to his/her neighbour's place of residence. It is also possible to use the delivery to a neighbour option, when the recipient gives an alternative delivery address when at an on-line shop. In both cases your customers will get e-mail/SMS notifications about the parcel delivery status, so they can be in control of the situation. Read more.

Notifications are free of charge information on the parcel status as it makes its way to the recipient.

The recipient receives notifications via e-mail or SMS about the sending of the parcel, date, location and expected delivery time.
We send information on possible unsuccessful delivery attempts (resulting from the recipient’s not being available at the destination address or the lack of necessary payment).

The message will contain information on the cash payment value if the parcel was sent with the additional “Cash on delivery” (COD) service.

With the notifications the recipient can also use the “Redirect a Parcel” service.

Get to know the benefits of notifications for your customers:

Notifications are free of charge information on the parcel status as it makes its way to the recipient.

  • You automate the notification system and the customers feel well-informed
  • You reduce the time spent on communication with the buyer
  • Faster delivery of shipped goods (on the next day after sending) can translate into positive evaluation of your shop and staff
  • With the information on the planned delivery time the buyer will not miss the courier
  • Faster repayment of amounts due for goods thanks to notifying the customer in advance about the necessity to prepare cash if the buyer has selected the COD option
  • E-mail/SMS notifications are free of charge.

E-MAIL/SMS Notifications – Step by Step

  1. Internet Shopping
    When the buyer finalises the purchase at your online shop, he/she enters his/her mobile phone number or e-mail address, where we can send notifications about expected delivery day and address.
  2. Preparation for Shipment
    Once you have prepared the sold goods, you enter the following data into the DHL system: the customer's name, surname, address and contact details. Once the data has been saved in the system a message for the buyer is generated to notify him/her the parcel is ready to send.
  3. Picking up the Parcel from a Shop
    When the DHL courier picks up the parcel from you, the buyer will get another notification, this time with information on the expected delivery day and time, destination address and the amount of money to be paid on delivery. If the customer has selected the Cash On Delivery option, he/she has time to prepare the necessary money to pay.


FAQ – Answers to frequently asked questions about E-MAIL/SMS notifications

What do I have to do in order to implement the notification system as my shop service?

All you have to do is to enter the buyer’s (parcel recipient’s) mobile phone number or e-mail address into the DHL system, which is used for preparing a label / consignment note, in the correct field (for notification). This way the information will be entered into the shipment data sent to DHL.

Can the customer give a landline phone number?

If the customer gives his/her landline phone number, we will not be able to send him/her a text message.

The customer claims that he/she has not received the notification. Can I check the time the notification has been sent from the DHL system?

DHL Customer Service Department is able to check when and if the notification has been sent.

What address do the notifications come from? Is it from my shop address or DHL's?

Our notifications are sent from the DHL system.

Electronic confirmation - a scanned document with the recipient's signature.
Available with DHL24, DHL eCas applications for parcels sent via these services.

Domestic parcels – extra payable services

The DHL Parcel courier will collect the amount due for goods in cash from your customer.

The amount collected for the goods is paid for by bank transfer in accordance with the instruction of the Order of the service. The shipment’s Consignee can pay for the collection amount in cash or by credit card. If the shipment’s Consignee pays for the COD amount by credit card, there will be an extra charge for paying by credit card. Each shipment with the COD service is additionally subject to insurance. The collection amount shall be returned within fi ve business days counting from the business day following the day on which the shipment is delivered (the eff ective date being the date of transferring the money from the DHL Parcel bank account). The maximum collection amount for a shipment is PLN 11,000. If, when sending one or more shipments, the total collection amounts from a single Sender to a single Consignee exceed PLN 6,500 on a single occasion, the shipment’s Consignee shall be obliged to pick it up at a DHL Customer Service Point. The collection amount of a shipment sent for pick-up at a DHL Service Point must not exceed PLN 1,000.

Charge:  PLN 7 + 1% of the collection value.

A fee will be charged if the shipment’s Consignee pays for the collection amount by credit card. This applies to courier delivery.

Many types of payment methods available: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Amer, Blik, Alipay, so-called wearables - smart watch, fitness band

Charge: 1.5% of COD value, not less than PLN 2

Cash on delivery report provided in digital form.

Charge: PLN 1 - standard report

Charge: PLN 20 - report resent after a customer's request

Cardboard boxes are available from all DHL Parcel Customer ServicePoints and DHL Parcel couriers (if ordered in advance). Charge for the packaging depends on size:
24.5 x 23.5 x 10.5 (cm) (S)  – PLN 2
49.5 x 23.5 x 21.0 (cm) (M) – PLN 3.50
49.5 x 47.0 x 21.0 (cm) (L) – PLN 5
49.5 x 47.0 x 42.0 (cm) (XL) – PLN 6
Plastic pouch – PLN 0,5

The service is available for DHL PARCEL POLAND only (delivery of a parcel up to 31.5 kg on the next business day, to any destination in Poland).
Detailed information on the scope of this service (post/zip code of the parcel destination) is available in DHL24 application or from the DHL Parcel Customer Service Department.
Charge: PLN 12

Hard-copy confirmation - photocopy of the document with the consignee's signature.

Charge: PLN 12 when requesting the service at the time of sending the shipment.
Charge: PLN 18 + PLN 5 for each additional copy of the document when requesting the service after the shipment is sent (available for 1 year after the shipment is delivered).

Detailed information on the scope of this service (post/zip code of the parcel destination) is available in DHL24 application or from the DHL Parcel Customer Service Department.
Charge: 50% of the basic fee, but not less than PLN 15.

SMS or email notification and phone call from the DHL Parcel courier to the consignee of the shipment on the day of delivery. Under this service the sender additionally permits the delivery of the shipment to an address given by the consignee, which differs from that on the consignment note (within the deliverer’s Terminal). The consignee can also use the Redirect parcel service.
Charge: PLN 5

We offer the possibility of additional financial protection against loss or damage of parcels for the value up to PLN 100,000.

Charge depends on the parcel's declared value. For parcels up to 31.5 kg:

  • up to PLN 50,000 - PLN 3.50
  • over PLN 50,000 to PLN 100,000 - 0.2% of the declared value.

For parcels over 31.5 kg:

  • up to PLN 50,000 - PLN 7
  • over PLN 50,000 to PLN 100,000 - 0.2% of the declared value
    In the case of a combined parcel, the insurance fee for DHL PARCEL MAX applies.

The scope of this service may be extended for parcels with a value over PLN 100,000, however it requires separate arrangements in the form of a written framework agreement between DHL Parcel and the customer.

Additional service concerning exclusively the DHL PARCEL MAX service. Applies only to EURO pallets (0.8 m x 1.2 m) that meet the UIC 435-2 standard. Service available to senders paying for transportation, with a clause in this regard in the agreement.
Charge: PLN 30 per pallet

The service is carried out after obtaining a written instruction from the sender
Charge: PLN 10 - within the area of the same DHL Parcel delivery terminal
Charge: 100% of the basic fee - between two DHL Parcel terminals

Use the option of confirming the delivery of goods on the documents attached to the parcel!

The ROD service consists of obtaining the confirmation of the delivery of the goods on the documents accompanying the parcel, and returning them to the sender (up to 5 documents).
Charge: PLN 13

Return to sender.
A parcel is considered undeliverable when it is unable to be delivered to the recipient by DHL Parcel due to:

  • The recipient’s refusal to receive the parcel
  • Refusal to pay for the service
  • The recipient’s refusal to pay the COD amount
  • The parcel not being received by the recipient after two delivery attempts or the lack of valid address data.

Charge: 100% of the basic fee

Detailed information on the scope of this service (post/zip code of the parcel destination) is available in DHL24 application or from the DHL Parcel Customer Service Department.
Charge: 50% of the basic fee, but not less than PLN 15.

Processing orders placed over the phone via the DHL Parcel Customer Service Department.
Charge: PLN 5 for the order.

Sandling of the parcel payable by the requestor, who is not the sender or recipient.

Charge: 3 PLN

Processing of written orders submitted via fax or e-mail.
Charge: PLN 5 per order