E-commerce support

DHL Parcel supports the development of e-commerce because we are a part of it. We focus on high-tech solutions and offer a wide range of DHL courier services in Poland and foreign countries. While selecting a courier company it is worth considering aspects beyond the requirements of an online shop and to check if the deliverer meets the expectations of customers. This decision will greatly impact the future: sale expansion, brand development, and creating customer databases.

We know that finding an online purchaser and carrying out the sale process are only half the story for an online shop. What remains is to deliver the parcel effectively, preferably at the first attempt. Customer satisfaction directly translates into loyalty, resulting in more purchases from the given shop. Get to know how effective DHL Parcel is in supporting your e-commerce business.

Solutions for your business

IT integration
Automate your daily shipping and use modules integrating your systems with DHL24! We enable our customers to connect and use all DHL Parcel products and additional services. Thanks to IT integration you can use DHL24 functions - creating shipments and consignment notes, arranging a courier, creating information on a parcel status - and make them available in your applications! Check out IT integration with DHL Parcel.
Shipping with DHL24
The application is a service centre for your shipments with DHL Parcel. You can manage your parcels whenever you want - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You will also get access to complete information in one place, e.g. parcel history, interventions, complaints. Matters related to ongoing services have priority, when you report them to us via DHL24. Read more about DHL24.
Cash on delivery (COD)
The collected payment for the goods is transferred to the ordering party by bank transfer within 5 business days, counting from the next working day after the delivery of the parcel. Each parcel with the COD service is subject to additional insurance. Read more.
Shipping single parcels at the DHL Parcel ServicePoints
If you have a contract with DHL Parcel and have an active customer number, you can send single parcels from our Partner ServicePoints. You can do it without having to wait for a courier, at a convenient DHL Parcel ServicePoint, paying the price for a basic service with discounts calculated in accordance with your contract.
Read more about shipping at the DHL Parcel ServicePoints.

Solutions for your customers

Free e-mail/SMS notifications about the shipment status
These are a convenient way to communicate with recipients. With notifications we inform e-shop customers about the expected delivery time of their goods. DHL Parcel notifications are free of charge and knowledge about the shipment status at each delivery stage is priceless for recipients! They save both senders and recipients time because the automated notification system reduces the need for individual contact between the online shop and the customer. Read more.
Redirect a parcel
This is a service that enables parcel recipients to change the delivery day or address after the parcel has been sent, with no need to contact the online shop. In practice your customers can reschedule the delivery date even by 10 days and they will get e-mail/SMS notifications about the parcel status at every stage. Read more about the service.
Delivery to a neighbour
When the recipient cannot receive the parcel within the scope of the "Redirect a Parcel" service we enable him/her, among other things, to request delivery to the alternative address, e.g. to his/her neighbour’s place of residence. It is also possible to use the delivery to a neighbour option, when the recipient gives an alternative delivery address when at an online shop. In both cases your customers will get e-mail/SMS notifications about the parcel delivery status, so they can be in control of the situation. Read more.
Collecting parcels from the DHL Parcel points
We make our network of pick up  points available to you.  It includes over 6,500 DHL ServicePoints and 60 DHL Lockers parcel machines. Your customers can select a convenient location and get e-mail/SMS notifications about their parcel status and they have as long as 7 calendar days to collect their shipments. Read more.
Evening delivery
Make a delivery by DHL Parcel courier from 17:00 to 22:00 available to your customers. We provide stress-free parcel receipt matching the lifestyle of our customers. Ask the DHL Parcel Business Representative for details on what we offer.

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