Answers to frequent questions

Answers to frequent questions

Frequent questions about DHL Parcel's services

DHL24 aplication - the center for managing your DHL Parcel shipments - allows you to use  ePOD, a confirmation of delivery in electronic form (scan of the document with the signature of the recipient).

We also provide applications dedicated to monitoring the status of shipments. These are:

Domestic Shipment Tracking - online application let's you find information on any DHL Parcel shipment, data are presented in real time.

DHL e-Notification - online application let's you receive shipment status at the specified e-mail address.

The best option is to use time-definite services, which save time and guarantee delivery by a specific time:

We also recommend additional services which increase the chance of a successful delivery:

  • Delivery between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. - when you know that your customer will be able to collect the shipment within that time,
  • Saturday delivery - available for selected zip codes,
  • Delivery to neighbour - if your customer is unsure whether he will be at home,
  • Pick-up at a DHL point or a DHL Locker -  if your customer wants to collect the shipment from  a convenient location.
  • Redirect parcel service, if your customer wants to change the place or date of delivery after the shipment has been sent or after an unsuccessful attempt to deliver due to the absence of the receipent  at the delivery address or lack of cash to pay the amount due.

If you want your receipent  to receive an electronic notification (E-MAIL/SMS) about sending a shipment and the estimated delivery time, please activate the E-MAIL/SMS notifications service.  It allows the receipent  to prepare for collection of the shipment, e.g. have the collection amount ready in cash, and use the Redirect parcel service. The Email/SMS notifications is free.

If you are a regular sender and would like to arrange for a DHL Parcel courier to collect shipments at an agreed time, download the regular pick-up declaration form.
Complete it and send it to stale.zbiory@dhl.com. Once we receive it, we will contact you to confirm the details  of the regular pick-up.

The collection amount is paid by bank transfer into the account, given in the agreement, within 5 business days, counting from the business day following the day of delivery of the shipment.

You can change the delivery address to an address covered by the same delivery Terminal or one that is located in an area covered by a different DHL Terminal.
Download the readdressing a domestic shipment form, complete it and send it to kontakt.pl@dhl.com.

You can wait for the second delivery attempt, which is included in the standard DHL Parcel service.

If the receipent  wants to set a convenient time of delivery and the sender uses the E-MAIL/SMS notifications service, the receipent will be able to change the place and time of delivery using the Redirect parcel service.

Choose adequate packaging for the items in your shipment.
Tips on how to ensure that you shipment is packed safely and examples of practical use of different kinds of packaging can be found on our site.

Packaging is available at all DHL Parcel Customer Service Points and from DHL Parcel couriers. Charge for the packaging depends on the dimensions:
24.5 x 23.5 x 10.5 (cm) (S) - PLN 2
49.5 x 23.5 x 21.0 (cm) (M) - PLN 3.50
49.5 x 47.0 x 21.0 (cm) (L) - PLN 5
49.5 x 47.0 x 42.0 (cm) (XL)  - PLN 6
Plastic pouches - PLN 0,50

Shipments weighing over 31.5 kg are collected and delivered  in the "kerbside drop-off" system, which means that the service is performed in locations accessible to delivery trucks.

Collection and delivery cover placing on and removing a shipment from the open load-carrying body, whereas any additional actions are up to the customer.  

Shipments are delivered on the next business day. For some locations (selected postcodes), deliveries take 2 business days.

You can still order shipment even as a person who only pays for it (but is not a sender or a receipent).
Book a DHL Parcel courier free of charge using our electronic tools (DHL24 or DHL eCas).

Information on how to activate a payer/third party order service can be obtained from a DHL Parcel Commercial Representative.

You can also download the domestic shipment collection order form.
Complete it and send it to the DHL Parcel Customer Service Department at kontakt.pl@dhl.com.  
Written orders are processed by the DHL Parcel Customer Service Department at an additional charge (more information can be found in the current DHL Parcel Services Price List).

If you want to submit a complaint, please read the information about required documentrs. Get to know the details on our site.