The DHL Parcel ServicePoint

The DHL Parcel ServicePoint

Make good use of the attractive location of your business office!
Join DHL Parcel partners and get new customers!

What are the benefits of partnership with DHL Parcel?

Additional income
commission for parcels sent and collected
at your point.
New customers
over 100 new customers per month on average!
No costs
connected with joining
DHL ServicePoints.
Introducing your point
on the DHL ServicePoint map available
on our website.
Increased level of trust
of customers due to cooperation with a well-known
DHL brand.

The following items are necessary to open a DHL Parcel shipment and collection point:

A computer
connected to the Internet
and a printer.
to store the parcels
Concluded contract
with DHL and completion of
online training.

What does DHL Parcel ensure?

  • The online application - it does not require installation, you set the maximum number of parcels to manage in the application.
  • Shipping parcels by means of the application.
  • Free Advertising Materials - stickers, plates, flags, posters, coin trays and consumables.
  • Daily parcel collection.
  • Settling the payments on time.
  • A dedicated hotline - technical support during cooperation period.

Open a DHL Parcel partner service point in 3 steps:

  1. Contact DHL Parcel
  2. We are preparing a contract
  3. You are absolving an online training and we provide material to you

Frequently asked questions about opening a partner point

It means that no third parties have access to the place where you store the parcels. Also, the parcels will not be exposed to any damage.

Several parcels per day should be collected from your point on average. The maximum number of parcels that can be stored in your location is established in the cooperation contract and in the parcel management application. Once you reach that number your point stops being active for recipients as a delivery option.

The collection hours depend on the location and opening hours of your company. A courier comes once a day. Information on this subject is available online in the parcel management application.

DHL Partner ServicePoints must be open until 17:00 at least. It would be an extra advantage if your point could also open on Saturdays.

You can contact us using the parcel management application or via indicated e-mail address.

In this case a request for a courier is generated automatically; then you should pass the parcel to the courier to return.

Within the scope of our cooperation you will get basic materials for branding your point as well as guidelines and project templates if you want some extra branding.

One of many benefits of joining DHL Parcel ServicePoints network is zero cost in establishing cooperation.

We provide the online application and training materials as well as basic consumables to manage the parcels, for example a measuring tape, tape and transparent pockets for consignment notes.

In order to send a parcel for a customer from your DHL Parcel ServicePoint:

  • Check if the parcel has appropriate dimensions
  • In the parcel management application you fill in the recipient's data
  • You print a receipt confirmation
  • You charge the shipment fee.

A DHL courier delivers a parcel to your point,
You mark it as accepted in the parcel management application. The customer gets an e-mail/SMS notification with the information that the parcel can be collected from your point.
When the recipient arrives to collect the parcel you enter his/her data (first name, surname, phone number and the PIN code the recipient has to provide).

Open the shipment and collection point

If you own a business office at an attractive location, you are interested in cooperation and want to open a DHL Parcel Partner Service Point, fill in the contact form or send an e-mail message to servicepoint.dhl.pl@dhl.com.

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