DHL Locker

DHL Locker

Get to know a convenient way of collecting parcels in the form of our parcel machines.
Offer DHL Locker to your customers and increase the number of delivery points without additional charge!
DHL Locker in Poland consists of over 170 machines, placed in different shops in big Polish cities.

It is possible to use DHL Locker:

  • within the scope of the "Redirect a parcel" service,
  • when selecting a delivery point at an e-shop.

Why do recipients use DHL Locker?

  • Recipients benefit from new personal collection points, collecting parcels whenever and wherever they want
  • A parcel can be collected from a machine on the next business day after it has been sent
  • A parcel can await collection for as long as 7 calendar days from delivery to the machine
  • It is fast and easy to collect a parcel. The recipient enters the PIN code from the SMS sent by DHL Parcel and his/her phone number.
  • After the PIN code is entered, the door of the locker containing a given parcel will open and it will be possible to collect the parcel.
  • The machines are available inside shops to protect the recipient against the dark, rain and cold
  • It is only possible to collect a parcel during the business hours of the shop or market, which makes the recipient feel safe during collection.

Frequently asked questions about parcel machines

No annex to the contract nor any additional documents are needed to make a delivery to the DHL Locker machines available.
A standard shipment transport contract with DHL Parcel is sufficient.

In order to allow e-shop customers to select DHL Locker as a delivery option, it is necessary to integrate the map of DHL collection points (CSP, ServicePoint and Locker) with a website, where this option should be available.

In order to send a parcel to a DHL Locker, it is necessary to enter the data for notifications (e-mail address, phone number), which will be needed during collection. The parcel cannot be heavier than 25 kg and its dimensions cannot exceed: 60 x 40 x 40 cm.

We marked them in yellow on our map of collection points.

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