At the DHL Parcel ServicePoints for business customers

DHL Parcel ServicePoints allow you to send and receive parcels fast and conveniently.
The network consists of, among others, petrol stations, shops and newsagents.  
They are just around the corner, in your and your customers' neighbourhood!

Send single domestic and international parcels
from the DHL Parcel ServicePoints. See how easy it is!

If you have a contract with DHL Parcel and you have an active customer number, you can send single parcels
from our partner points. Included in the basic price.

You can send:
  • a domestic parcel;
  • an international parcel.

Weight and dimensions of shipments according to the service's characteristics. Detailed information is available in the Special Price List of DHL Parcel Polska and in our electronic tools.


Select a DHL Point

Select a convenient DHL Parcel ServicePoint on the map.


Prepare the parcel and shipping documents

Prepare the parcel and print off the shipping documents with the use of the DHL Parcel electronic tools (it is necessary to send a parcel from our Partner Service Point).


Ship a parcel

Bring the parcel to the selected DHL Parcel ServicePoint and send it.
The shipment costs will be included in your invoice for DHL Parcel services.
Discounts will be calculated according to your contract.


Track your parcel

You can track your parcel on our site or by using electronic tools.  

How does the pick up of parcels work at DHL Parcel ServicePoints?

People who are used to doing shopping on the Internet are more and more often interested in independent parcel collection, especially if there is a collection point in their neighbourhood. Our network of personal receipt points perfectly matches these needs!

When the shipment reaches the DHL Parcel ServicePoint selected by the customer, we send him/her an e-mail/SMS with the PIN code necessary to pick it up. The shipment will be waiting for pick up as long as 7 days! A lack of time for collection is no problem because the recipient can pass his/her PIN code and phone number to a trusted person and authorise him/her to collect the shipment.

How do I make pick up at the DHL Parcel ServicePoints available to e-shop customers?

  • A standard contract with DHL Parcel for shipment transport is enough to make delivery to DHL ServicePoints available.
    There is no need to sign any annexes to the contract nor any additional documents.  
  • Our points can be selected using the electronic tools for shipping parcels: DHL24 and eCAS.
  • In order to allow e-shop customers to select DHL Parcel ServicePoints as a delivery option it is necessary to integrate the map of DHL Parcel Collection Points (Customer Service Points, DHL ServicePoints and DHL Lockers) with a website, where this option is available.
  • In order to allow the sender to ship a parcel to a DHL Parcel ServicePoint it is necessary to enter the data for notifications (e-mail address, phone number), which will be needed during collection.

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