Join our team!


Join our team!


Who are we?

DHL Parcel is a young and thriving company drawing on 48 years of experience of DHL. With the long-term and well-established position in the Polish logistics business, at the beginning of 2014 DHL Parcel split up from DHL Express (Poland) Sp. z o.o. in order to become an independent legal entity in August 2017.

Currently DHL Parcel is a leader in the Polish domestic parcel delivery market and a forerunner of innovative e-commerce solutions dedicated to Polish and European customers.

DHL Parcel uses its expertise in domestic parcel delivery services by road, reaching 28 countries in the European Union. A job at DHL Parcel is a chance to acquire interesting experience and get career opportunities in one of the leading logistics companies, among the best professionals from all over the world.

Take up the challenge and develop yourself

As a logistics company, the leader in the Polish domestic parcel delivery market, we focus on development and innovative solutions.

We are committed to provide our employees a stable and positive work environment, and at the same time we take care of our employees so they can make the best use of their skills and continuously develop themselves. We support them in improving their professional qualifications and we focus on harnessing the potential of multi-generational teams.

We offer a wide range of our own corporate training courses, such as soft skills and management training. We create an opportunity to plan individual professional career paths for our employees and we give them a chance of promotion within our structure, no matter what position they hold.

Show us your engagement

From the very beginning, in our company we have encouraged our employees to take their own initiative, to actively engage in the work of other teams and to be a part of various projects.

We appreciate team skills and eagerness to share knowledge, because we know the success of DHL Parcel consists of the daily work of each of our employees. For those who excel, we offer the possibility of being a part of the Talent Development Programs.

We know the importance of a positive work environment, so we ensure good relationships within our teams and we encourage our employees to spend time together during many integration meetings. We also run the Employee Opinion Survey every year and every employee can share his/her opinion and ideas.

Be proud of where you work

DHL parcel is a socially responsible company. We gladly commit ourselves to many initiatives to help others. We also care for the environment, and as part of the global strategy of the DP DHL brand - "GoGreen - Mission 2050: Zero Emissions!" - we expect our company will reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050. We know that this plan is very ambitious, but we will do our best to achieve this objective.

Many of our employees are personally involved in initiatives aimed at helping those in need and actively support our local DHL Foundation "We Value Other People". The foundation carries out various programs and activities in the area of social assistance and charity work for children and young people, health care, road safety and voluntary service, as well as ecological education and environment protection.

We also take on our own programs initiated by DHL employees and in cooperation with various Polish and international social institutions.