Check how we operate during the COVID-19 period

Due to the threat of coronavirus, DHL Parcel is stepping up safety precautions in all areas of its operations. Each preventive step we have taken is aimed at protecting public health and mitigating the risks involved in the unfolding crisis. The safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority.

We have supplied all locations with disinfectant and no-touch thermometers. Additionally, our facilities are implementing measures that involve disinfecting parts of the infrastructure. We are also educating all members of our staff and the DHL Parcel delivery team about the precautionary measures.

Our drivers have received detailed guidelines about the enhanced safety measures to be exercised during this time. These include limiting physical interactions, for example, by refraining from handshake greetings. 

We have developed detailed contingency procedures and action plans for emergencies. This has allowed us to ensure continuity of service for our customers. If an emergency shutdown of an operating unit becomes necessary, each of our locations is prepared to step in and process the overflow of shipments.

When preparing parcels for shipment, please ensure that the recipient's contact information (email address, phone number) is complete and correct. This is necessary to enable the recipient to redirect the shipment to a different address or a DHL Service Point.

Please be assured that we are closely monitoring the official announcements from the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization and the Chief Sanitary Inspector, and rely on them in any decision that we make.

We will keep you fully apprised of any organizational changes that may be necessary.

Domestic shipments

Our network in Poland is fully operational, which means that all domestic units are functioning normally.

In May, we launched another safe parcel collection option. Consignees are still not required to sign in the courier’s scanner. To confirm receipt of the parcel, give the courier the name of the receiver or the PIN code sent to you in the notification (NEW!), which the courier will enter into the system. The PIN code can be given to a trusted person so that they can conveniently pick up the package for you.

Parcel Drop Off & Collection Points

As much as 97% of 9,000 DHL ServicePoints are open so that you can collect or send a parcel quickly and safely while shopping, without having to leave the house only to collect the shipment.

Our ServicePoints comply with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, i.e. protection equipment, disinfection, and safe distance. Now you no longer need to enter the PIN into the terminal to pick up the package. Give the sales clerk the PIN code and enjoy the safe parcel collection.

International shipments

We provide parcel delivery services to all countries in European Union.

For the safety of couriers and recipient msost countries have implemented an alternative delivery confirmation option, with no signature required.

However, certain locations and services have been excluded, such as:

  • part of parcel drop off & collection points (DHL Service Points) abroad has been closed. The list of currently operating points is available at,
  • in case of unavailability of parcel drop off & collection points (DHL ServicePoints), parcels are redirected, as far as it is possible, to the nearest open points nearby or DHL unit,
  • COD shipments to Slovakia, paid for in cash. COD payments are available only using cashless payments, e.g. credit card payments,
  • COD shipments to Germany with courier delivery. All COD shipments will be redirected to DHL ServicePoint and the receivers will be notified about new process.
  • throughout Europe, restrictions may apply to delivery to business customers due to the closure of many businesses and shopping outlets. Before shipping, please make sure that the location is able to pick up the parcel,

We are expecting longer shipping times for international shipments due to enhanced border inspections.

All undeliverable shipments will be returned to the sender. 

These restrictions are beyond our control. We are required to comply with them due to the administrative decisions and procedures implemented in certain countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


We have provided all of our operational units with safety gloves, masks and sanitizers. We are also testing other solutions to help our drivers maintain appropriate sanitation standards. We have issued detailed guidelines to our drivers regarding extraordinary safety precautions. These include limiting physical interactions and adhering to social distancing guidelines. We have also embarked upon a sweeping effort to educate our drivers about their responsibility to monitor their own health and abide by guidance from the government. In response to current market demand, we have also introduced an alternative delivery confirmation method. When collecting a parcel, you are no longer required to provide a signature on a handheld scanner to confirm receipt.

You are encouraged to:

  • pay online for your online purchases - this is currently the preferred and safest option,
  • ensure that parcels being picked up by the driver are ready and placed as close to the door as possible to limit the time spent by the driver in the building,
  • adhere to social distancing when collecting a parcel or handing it off to the driver.

We are now offering alternative delivery confirmation options. Parcel recipients are no longer required to provide a signature on a handheld scanner to confirm receipt. All you need to do is give the driver the name of the person who will be collecting the delivery, which the driver will then enter in the system.

We have modified the shipment delivery confirmation process for parcels, for which the customer's personal signature is required:

  • we are foregoing the handheld scanner signature confirmation. The driver will verify the recipient's identity in accordance with the procedure agreed with the sender, and enter the name of the recipient on the terminal,
  • recipients will still be required to personally sign the documents contained in the shipment.

All DHL Customer Service Points have been equipped with disinfectant dispensers. We encourage our customers and employees to use them. We now also require drivers to regularly sanitize the handheld terminals and pens used by customers.

We have posted notices and signs about the number of people permitted at a time in a given Customer Service Point and what distance from the counter is to be maintained.

To date, the DHL Parcel driver team has not had any reported cases of the illness. However, we recognize the crucial importance of preventive measures at this time. We are monitoring the communications from the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Ministry of Health regarding the spread of coronavirus in Poland and taking appropriate steps to address it.

Operational infrastructure preparedness

We have developed detailed contingency procedures and action plans for emergencies. This has given us a considerable degree of independence from external factors.

We have an extensive range of operational locations across Poland. If an emergency shutdown of an operating unit is necessary, each of our locations is prepared to step in and process the shipment overflow.

You have the option to redirect your parcel, i.e. change the time, address or method of delivery, by going to This free service allows you to collect your parcel at a time and location that works best for you - either from the driver or at one of the nearly 9,000 DHL locations, which will help match the delivery method to your current preferences.

Our enhanced safety measures have enabled us to consistently provide parcel shipment services to most countries in Europe.
However, certain locations and services have been excluded - for an updated list please see above.
This was mandated by government decisions that are outside DHL Parcel's control.