Collecting parcels
at DHL Parcel ServicePoints


Collecting parcels
at DHL Parcel ServicePoints


Pick up your domestic shipments comfortably at DHL Parcel ServicePoints!

People who are used to doing shopping on the Internet are more and more often interested in independent parcel collection, especially if there is a pick up point in their neighbourhood. This is why we make our network of pick up points available to our customers!

The DHL Parcel ServicePoints network consists of over 8,000 shipping and pick up points, including petrol stations, shops and newsagents.
The strategic partners of DHL Parcel are Żabka, Inmedio, Relay, 1minute, Biedronka, Shell, Kaufland, ABC.

Picking up parcels at DHL Parcel ServicePoints - see how it works!

It is worth using delivery to our points when shopping on the Internet and when using the "Redirect a Parcel" service.

  1. Select your closest point, when you finalise your order at an e-shop or when you redirect the parcel to be picked up at some other location.
  2. You'll get an e-mail/SMS notification about collection possibilities, when the shipment arrives at the point. In this message we also send you your PIN code necessary for picking up the shipment.
  3. You pick up the shipment when you have time. The shipment will be waiting for you for 7 calendar days. You can get it once you use the PIN code received via SMS and your phone number.
  4. If you have no time to pick up the shipment, give the PIN code and your phone number to a trusted person. This data is the authorisation to pick up your shipment.

Get to know the DHL parcel machines

The DHL Parcel ServicePoints network is complemented by 170 DHL Locker parcel machines. You can select the DHL Locker machine:

  • when you use the "Redirect a Parcel" service
  • when you select this type of delivery in an e-shop - you can pick up your shipment on the next business day after sending.

Why is it worth picking up shipments at the DHL Locker?

  • You select a convenient point to pick up the shipment
  • You can collect your shipment from the parcel machine as early as next business day after sending
  • Your shipment can wait for 7 calendar days from delivery to the machine
  • You can pick up your shipment quickly and easily - you just enter the PIN code we send you via SMS, and your phone number.
    After the PIN code has been entered the door of the locker containing your parcel will open and you can collect the shipment.
  • Parcel machines are located inside shops to protect you and your shipment against the rain and cold.
  • You can pick up a shipment only during the opening hours of the given shop or market, which makes you feel safe during collection.

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