Picking up shipments from your neighbour

Speed up delivery and give an alternative delivery address.

If you have ordered home delivery of your shopping and on the delivery day you might be elsewhere, DHL Parcel can deliver the parcel to an alternative address, for example to your neighbour, without additional charge. We will deliver your order quickly and both you and the sender will exactly know who will have collected it and when that took place.

Delivery to an alternative address is also possible as part of the "Redirect a Parcel" service.  You can also use the delivery to a neighbour option by entering an alternative delivery address at an online shop.

Why is it worth giving an alternative delivery address and benefit from, for example, the help of your neighbour?

  • The shipment can be delivered even if you are not available at home.
  • When you give an alternative address in your neighbourhood you will not be forced to walk far to collect your parcel.
  • The sender will get an e-mail/SMS notification when the neighbour collects the shipment.
  • The parcel will be collected by a third party, always with your approval.
  • The service is already included in the shipment price and does not require additional fees.

Speed up delivery and give an alternative delivery address.

  1. Internet shopping
    When you finalise shopping at your online shop, you will have to give your e-mail address and mobile phone number.
  2. Shipment collection
    On the day before delivery we will inform you about the delivery via SMS notification. At this point you can use the "Redirect a Parcel" service and change the delivery address, for example, to an alternative address. It will be a place in your direct neighbourhood, for example your neighbour's house
  3. Parcel delivery
    You will get an E-MAIL/SMS notification, when your neighbour collects the shipment.

Answers to frequently asked questions about delivery to a neighbour

The buyer can nominate any trusted person. It may be a security guard at your apartment block or estate or a friendly worker from a nearby shop or service. However, it is important to give the alternative address in the immediate neighbourhood of the parcel destination address (e.g. a flat in the same block or a neighbouring building).

Our courier will try to deliver the parcel to your neighbour only when the addressee is not available and will leave a NOTE. If the DHL courier finds that both the addressee and the neighbour are not available, the parcel will be returned to the DHL warehouse. If the courier delivers the parcel to the neighbour, and the buyer has given his/her mobile phone number, DHL will send a notification about the parcel delivery to the neighbour.

Selecting the "Delivery to a Neighbour" free service (an alternative address) will help to deliver the parcel on time, even if the addressee is not available.

The address in the neighbourhood is a place directly adjacent to the recipient's place of residence, which he/she has given as the destination address. It can be a friend's apartment in the same apartment block (on another floor or staircase) or in an adjacent building/neighbouring property.

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